Sustainability Management Scheme

Sustainability Management at ESKEN TRANS OIL, TOO starts from understanding the expectations of what we call C.E.O.—Customers, Employees, and Owners & Other stakeholders. By correctly understanding what they expect of us and what we have to do to meet their expectations, we are making a concerted effort to maximize their economic, environmental, and social values and consequently achieve our Vision 2030 of becoming ‘The most competitive and admired energy & chemical company in europe’.

At ESKEN TRANS OIL, TOO, customer satisfaction comes before everything. We continue to build our brand value through reasonable price and utmost product quality, and focus on satisfying customer needs to secure their trust which will constitute the foundation for our sustainable growth. We also strive to sharpen our overseas marketing capabilities by enhancing strategic partnerships with key customers abroad and, at the same time, exploring new markets.

ESKEN TRANS OIL, TOO has been investing in the RUC/ODC Project based on a stable financial structure with the aim of laying the foundation for sustainable growth. The Company is also proactive in transparently and accurately disclosing management information to protect stakeholders’ interest as well as pursuing shared growth with business partners. We are not only joining climate change response activities conducted at the global level but also carrying out differentiated environmental management activities. Our social contribution is implemented in line with our management strategies in order to pursue co-prosperity with local communities.